Youtube Music Top 10: Alex Goot #2

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Alex Goot is the single most well rounded musician on this list. He is, essentially, a one man band. Sometimes he seems to be able to play every mainstream instrument ever. There are a few things I have never seen him play, for instance, I have never seen him pick up a flute, or any wind instrument, for that matter. However, he has been known to play drums, guitar, bass, piano, tambourine, accordion, cajon (a latin percussion instrument), glockenspiel, claves, various shakers, maracas, bongos, as well as singing lead and back up. He also uses more unusual “instruments” in his music, including using a filing cabinet as a percussion instrument, clapping, snapping his fingers, recording a kettle’s whistle, and using cooking pots as drums. And I’m sure those are by no means exhaustive lists, since I put them together by watching his videos and identifying as many items and instruments as I could. His videos are interesting behind the scenes looks into how he makes his music, which is 100% self-produced, and available on itunes.

What is most interesting about Alex is his approach to music, which is different from others on this list in that he doesn’t specialize in an instrument, vocals, or any one step in the process, rather, he specializes in making music. What do I mean by that? I mean that he seems to have an innate ability to take any song and recreate it using a unique mix of instruments. This mix tends to be different for every song, including variations in percussion, guitars, and pianos. His singing also seems to be a means, rather than an end in and of itself. That is what is so impressive about him, though, he’s an all about the music.

It should be noted that he does appear to tune his voice. However, his voice is not the point. Alex himself has admitted his voice is not amazing, and that he has to work hard to make it do what it does. And, before you call me a hypocrite, because I have talked about how much I dislike it when singers tune their voices in the past, and I’m standing by that, know that I love him for his music, not his singing (there is a fine line, but a clear distinction between those two).

Alex lives in Poughkeepsie, New York. Though his birthday is not disclosed it is known that he began recording music in 2004, at the age of 16, making him around 21. He is apparently shy in person, but has a good relationship with his fans, and tries to respond to all his fan mail.

Alex’s most recent work includes a cover album, titled Songs I Wish I Wrote (2010), an original album, titled Arranged Noise (2008), and numerous cover and original singles.

Alex also does do tours. You can find more information by checking out the links below if you are interested. And, without further ado, meet the music of Alex Goot, beginning with his original song, Breathless

… and his newest video, and original song, Sensitivity (feat. Andrew Goldstein).

He mostly posts videos of cover songs, however, so the next few are those. I’ve chosen his cover of Wonderwall, by Oasis…

Please Don’t Go, by Mike Posner…

… and Teenage Dream, by Katy Perry.

If you are interested in supporting Alex Goot, or simply learning more, you can check out…







Follow him on Twitter

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